infused is a leadership development and organizational climate consulting firm

Our Values


We believe mutual trust and transparency are critical building blocks for successful collaboration. We strive to support and empower our clients as they work towards their individual and collective organizational goals.


Drawing on a foundation of leadership theory, psychology, social work, organizational development, and popular education, we mindfully create something new and valuable for each client.


We live in a world where knowledge is power and we believe that every individual should have equal opportunity to engage in spaces where they gain knowledge and work towards developing their full potential.


We believe that there is always the opportunity for growth. Our job is to work in partnership with our clients to help them develop and achieve their vision for the future of their organization.


We believe when organizations invest time and energy allowing each individual to develop and utilize their natural talents, feel respected for who they are, and valued for what they contribute, the organization becomes stronger.


Through intentional workshop design we aim to create transformational spaces where individuals are encouraged to examine their social identities and share their personal narrative through group dialogue.

Our work with organizations is cyclical and ongoing. We work as partners to create more inclusive organizational cultures.

An Inspired Leadership Revolution

We inspire organizations to take a risk and redefine what it means to lead. Through collaborative long-term partnerships, we work with organizations to identify and activate their collective and individual potential. For us, an inspired leadership revolution is about connecting current and rising professionals in a whole new way around the practice of leadership.

Our Team

Liz Canada
In my former life as an English teacher, I left the word “Why?” in the top right hand corner of my dry erase board for the entire school year. As a teacher, I felt that I had one responsibility: teach my students to think.
Carlos Solorzano
My philosophy on life is simple: be comfortable with discomfort. I am the type of person who snorkels in the ocean before I know how to swim, who forces myself to take a job anywhere but my home town after graduation, and who leaves a lucrative job to pursue my passions.
Carmen Rivera
I am from New Mexico. And that means something to me. It means that I believe in and rely on community. It means that I dream in Spanglish and love green chile. Above all, it means that the best way to honor the heritage of my ancestors is to be a strong leader.
Seth Donovan
As a a military kid, theology student, and social worker I’ve always felt pretty comfortable living from my brain. The ability to think through problems and puzzles and other nerdy pursuits has served me well and is a source of joy.
Kate Nehring
President + Founder
As the president and founder, I harness my natural curiosity and my tendency for optimism to critically listen and observe, design possible solutions, and dive head first into inspiring change.

Infused also partners with high schools and postsecondary institutions to support students’ leadership development. We believe that every young mind should have access to leadership programming and be given the knowledge needed to explore who they are as leaders.

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