Carlos Solorzano

My philosophy on life is simple: be comfortable with discomfort.Carlos

I am the type of person who snorkels in the ocean before I know how to swim, who forces myself to take a job anywhere but my home town after graduation, and who leaves a lucrative job to pursue my passions.

Growing up, I lived in three different states, attended six different schools from K-12 and spent several summers living in Latin America countries with my family – change was forced upon me and to survive I learned to not only be comfortable with discomfort but, to some degree, thrive in it.

It is this foundation, along with my formal education at the University of Denver where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, a Master of Business Administration, and a Master of Arts in Higher Education, that has enabled me to support others through the leadership journey, which, at times, can feel difficult and uncomfortable for them.