Kate Nehring, President + Founder

kateSome view me as a dreamer: an idealist with my head in the clouds. Others might say that I am clear-sighted: a realist who approaches situations with a critical lens. I do not, however, see these as irreconcilable characteristics, but instead as working in tandem.

As a child I would sit back and observe the environment before engaging and had an imagination that, at times, astonished my parents and teachers. It is this precise balance – the careful observation of an organizational culture and the imagination to move that organization forward – that enables me to excel in my career.

I focused on my co-curricular involvement at Ohio Wesleyan University, but was still granted a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology. Upon moving back to my home state of Colorado, I realized I could turn my passion for leadership and involvement into a tangible career and earned my Masters of Arts degree in Leadership and Organizational Change from the University of Denver.

As the president and founder of infused, I harness my natural curiosity and my tendency for optimism to critically listen and observe, design possible solutions, and dive head first into inspiring change.

My work is grounded in my knowledge of leadership studies, cognitive psychology, positive psychology, social justice and popular education. However, it is my keen insight for interpersonal dynamics that guides my work. I see challenge as opportunity, tough conversations as connection, and deliberate inquiry as a key factor for breakthroughs. My passion for developing leadership capacity paired with my deep commitment to designing dynamic spaces, leads to workshops that come alive with possibility.